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Mining applications and Pontilux lights are the perfect match. Pontilux lights are used in mines all over the world. From US, Canada, South America to Australia, we supply lighting systems for the most harsh mining environments. Reliability, efficiency and extreme light output make Pontilux lights an ultimate choice for marine applications. Px-256, PX-64, PX-18 and PX-16 are specially designed for this harsh environment.
PX-80 in tower application
When low operating voltage and massive light output are required, a cluster of PX-80 offers a superior solution for most demanding applications.
PX-80 in 360,000 lumen tower

PX-80 in 120,000 lumen tower
With over 30,000 lumen outout and 24V power supply supply, low voltage lighting towers are one of the most common applications for PX-80.
PX-64 and PX-18 in marine application
PX-64 and PX-18 in a deck application.
PX-64 and PX-18 in a deck application. Built to survive most harsh environments, PX-64 and PX18 are ideal for marine applications. With its masive light output PX-64 combined with PX-18 can cover most demanding deks.

PX-64 delivers over 32,000 lumen at 310W.

PX-18 delivers over 10,000 lumen at 110W.
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